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Digital Age Learning

Whether you're starting your career or managing a classroom, we’ve got you covered.


Comprehend realistic technical applications and computer semantics in digital business that advances prospective employability.


Apprehend contemporary instruments that blends with your education workflow, establish yourself to students as the well-arranged trainer your envision.


Facilitate learning and training on digital business and e-commerce across all grades in schools, foster tech-aware generations for free.

Education Program

Business simulations for students across semesters for qualified schools and universities.


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The Genuinely Accessible Digital Platform for Everyone, Students Inclusive.

Design4HK Academy in schools to empower teachers with a comprehensive toolkit and equip young generations with intelligence of today's digital business.

Develop Future Leaders in Digital Business & eCommerce.

School Expert Program nourishes emerging leaders capable of adapting to the modern ecommerce context.

How to become a Design4HK Education Program partner school?

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Learn the skills to build and grow diverse technology communities on Design4HK.

Location: Hong Kong Target: Education-related Organisations

Program offerings include majors in e-business or e-commerce which integrated environment for building & delivering software training and demo to solve real-world problems from local and global education.

In order to receive the benefits, your school needs to:

  • is incorporated in Hong Kong;
  • school must be a teaching-focused institution that grants degrees or certificates.;
  • offer Design4HK to all of your technical departments
  • Provide your school’s logo on our website as a Design4HK School Program partner school
  • agree to receive regular announcements from Design4HK

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Validate your student or teacher status through your school or education-related organisations.
  • Have more than one year left as a student before graduating.

Not a Education-related Organisations? Submit a request for your project, and we’ll let you know if you qualify for a discount.


Who can apply to the program?

  • Any student or teacher can apply to the program. We welcome students and teachers from all backgrounds (designers, journalists, mathematicians, etc.) to apply.

How many School Experts can there be per school?

  • The program will generally only accept one Design4HK School Expert per campus. Depending on the size of a campus student population, we may open additional spots.

What happens when I graduate?

  • Once you graduate you'll become a program alum. Alumni are School Experts who have made valuable contributions in the past and may no longer be able to commit to the same level of participation or have graduated. To honor their contributions, we add them to the School Experts Alumni site for the program so they can remain connected to the community.

What if I have additional questions? You can reach out for more information by sending us an request.

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